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Live Wedding Painter, Korianne Stout, paints wedding portraits in Shawano, Wisconsin

Got Questions about Live Painting?

You're not the only one! Live painting is such a new sensation that I am constantly answering questions about what it is, how I do it, and why.


Luckily, I absolutely love chatting everything weddings and live painting!


Check out what others are asking about my Live Painting services!

Photo by Lumiere Photography

  • Can I book you as a surprise for my loved one? How does that work?
    Yes! I have been a surprise for the bride and/or groom several times and there are several different ways we can pull it off, based on what you think your couple would appreciate the most! Some families know that their couple would want a say in what the painting looks like, so they surprise the couple a few weeks prior to the wedding telling them they booked them a live painter. Then I have my consultation call with the bride or couple, which is where we discuss our vision about the painting, the background setting, the couple's pose, decorative elements to include, etc. There are also plenty of families that decide they just want it to be a total surprise, so I would have my consultation call and work out all the details with the person who booked beforehand and show up on the wedding day - surprise! That part is up to you and what you think is best - if you are wanting to go with the second "full surprise" option, I can gladly advise you on what moments/poses/etc are most popular and you can tailor that to what you think they would like!
  • What materials do you use?
    I use archival, professional quality acrylic paints in a mixture of Golden and Liquitex brands. These have much higher pigment concentration which means a higher opacity than cheaper paints, and better color mixing quality. I also use professional quality "smooth texture" pre-gessoed cotton canvas. Every painting receives a coat of satin-finish varnish to protect it against dust damage/tarnishing, and UV damage.
  • How long does a painting take?
    This depends on the canvas size and complexity of subject. Paintings can take anywhere from 8 hours to 20 hours from start to finish. Larger canvases and interior scenes tend to take longer - this is because with interior scenes, a lot more time is spent in the early stages measuring and figuring out angles to make sure the interior of the venue looks realistic, three dimensional, and accurate, as opposed to an outdoor scene with lots of foliage, which goes quicker.
  • What can I expect for pricing?
    On average, Live Painters in the United States charge anywhere from $1K-8K plus travel. For me, local weddings (within 5 hours of Red Wing, Minnesota) packages range from $1500-$3000, which depends upon your canvas size and includes any travel expenses if necessary. Events within 60 miles of Red Wing will include no travel expenses. Inquire with your date and venue for customized pricing! For travel weddings (5+ hours and/or requiring flight), packages range from $3500-5500 which includes all travel expenses. Inquire with your date and venue for customized pricing!
  • Do you other any other services such as prints and framing?
    I do offer a few post-painting services such as archival prints (so loved ones can hang their own reproduction of the painting), and thank you cards with the image of the painting so guests get to see and keep a mini version of the finished product. I do not offer framing at this time, as I prefer to allow the client full ability to choose a frame that fits the painting just as well as the interior of their home. Professional framing is always an option and is what many families choose for their new heirloom. However, if you are looking for a bit more budget-friendly option, canvas-depth frames can absolutely be found online (as opposed to the regular "framing section" in craft stores that are typically only paper/photo depth), and all of my canvas options are common sizes that are easily found online.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Yes, after the initial booking deposit of 25%, I do offer a payment plan if wanted or needed to divide the remaining amount into 3 separate payments, spread evenly between date of booking and date of event.
  • So... What is live painting? What is your whole process like?
    Live painting blends the fine craftsmanship of a lifelong family heirloom with memorable and lasting wedding entertainment - I attend your wedding, set up my easel, and paint your unique portrait to your specifications, all while you and your guests can observe and enjoy the process! Once your date is secured with a signed contract and 25% deposit, I will point you toward my social media where you can watch my progress as a live painter and start to gain ideas from my portfolio of what direction you may want to take with your painting! One month out from your wedding date, I will reach out to you to arrange a time for us to meet or chat on the phone about the details of your painting! We will discuss what moment you want painted, the setting you want to be painted in, any special details you want included, etc. At that time, the remaining balance will be due. On your wedding date, I am zero hassle and will show up around 2-3 hours early to the reception space to set up, figure out my angles, and get started on the background! I just need about a 5x5 foot sqare, and as well as access to an outlet so I can plug in my light when it gets dark. I set up my easel in the reception space because that is where the most guests will be for the longest amount of time, to be able to come up and watch, chat, and enjoy! I will attend the ceremony and/or first look to get my reference photos of the couple (to paint the first kiss, recessional, etc). From the time the ceremony starts, I will paint approximately hours in front of guests (depending on the length of the party) - this allows plenty of time for family and guests to see the vast majority of the painting process, as well as to witness the couple's portraits go from nonexistent to "Wow, it looks JUST like them!" and I LOVE chatting with all the people that know you best! I always work to get the painting to a nearly-finished point by the end of the night so everyone can see and enjoy what the finished product will look like! I then take it home for finishing touches, painting the edges, and varnishing for UV and dust protection to ensure the longevity of the heirloom. The painting is ready for pickup or safe shipping to you within 6-8 weeks!
  • What do you need from me/the venue for your setup?
    All I need is a corner or space out of a walkway, with access to an outlet either directly or by extension cord (which I always bring with me).
  • Can I add other family members, pets, or even late family members to my painting?
    Absolutely! Though I love the romance and intimacy of a "just the couple" painting, I can and do work with photos to add whatever you like to your painting. Do keep in mind that including a large bridal party, or lots of family members, etc, can add many hours of work onto the painting and may come at an additional cost. Let's work together to create a romantic composition you love and can't wait to display!
  • How long have you been painting live?
    I've been painting live at events since March of 2022. Prior to live painting, I have 8 years of professional painting experience for commission as well as in public (plein air painting from life in nature). I have a BFA in Art Education with an emphasis in painting. I taught art K-12 for 3 years after college, and I decided to pick up live painting on weekends mid-school year after learning about it, as it was within my existing skill set! I trained with a very experienced live painter to get the ins and outs of the wedding scene for painters and then got straight to work, loving every second of it! I have been painting live full-time since June of 2022.
  • How long will my painting last?
    As long as you both shall live. But in reality, if well taken care of, your painting will long outlast you and will be a cherished testament to the love you felt and the new family you created on your wedding day, for generations to come.
  • Do you always have a big reveal with the couple at the end of the night, or can I come check out the process whenever I want?
    That is entirely up to you! I have couples that have wanted both! If you want to come by and see the progress every so often, you are more than welcome to! If you want to avoid the painting like the plague and set up a time at the end of the night to be totally surprised with a big reveal, we can absolutely make that happen!

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