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Honored Finalist

for the 2024 Minnesota Bride
"Best Wedding Entertainment" Award, 


as nominated by clients and

fellow wedding professionals.

Photos by Jessica Knighton Photography

I'm so glad you're here!

Photos by Jessica Knighton Photography

My name is Korianne, and I am so grateful you found my corner of the internet!


I have found a passion and calling for painting couples in love that I couldn't find anywhere else, and I have had the privilege of painting love, live, as my full-time career for over two years. I get to create precious and lifelong keepsakes for budding families to cherish forever?! What a privilege.

Thank you for this honor.


Based in Red Wing, Minnesota, with a studio in the historic St. James Hotel (come visit me!), I am a trained oil and acrylic painter specializing in live wedding painting, en plein air landscape painting, and commissioned portraits. I travel the entire upper Midwest (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois) to translate couples' unique loves onto canvas on their wedding days. I am also happy to paint by commission - portraits, landscapes, pets, etc.

I just love bringing forth a beautiful new interpretation to all of the people and places that you love.

I can't wait to paint for you!

Click here for more about the Artist.

Live Wedding Painting

A timeless art to add beauty and enchantment to your most memorable day.

Based in the upper Midwest, and traveling anywhere to celebrate your love!


2024 and 2025 dates available now! 

In my live wedding portraits, I specialize in capturing the couple's likeness in a romantic and authentic way utilizing my  
signature vibrant and lightly impressionistic style. 

Contact Korianne

Thanks for reaching out! I will get back to you within 48 hours!

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